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Vfinity Preferred Customers can receive V3ORIGINAL completely FREE!

Enroll three Preferred Customers on Autoship and you receive one box of V3ORIGINAL completely FREE!
Just pay shipping and handling!

Vfinity’s Preferred Customer Program offers you the opportunity to purchase Vfinity products at wholesale price instead of the retail price! The 3 and FREE program helps you earn FREE V3ORIGINAL! Preferred Customers can earn FREE V3ORIGINAL by referring three Preferred Customers to sign up for Vfinity’s Autoship program.

Our Preferred Customer Program is for our loyal customers who use Vfinity products on a regular basis and deserve a preferred price as well.

While our Preferred Customers cannot receive commissions on their sales or earn Vfinity Loyalty Rewards Points, they do receive a FREE box of V3ORIGINAL for every three Preferred Customers they refer to Vfinity. Your three referred Preferred Customers must have their Autoship run a minimum of one month before you qualify for your FREE V3ORIGINAL! Only pay shipping and handling to receive your discounted products and FREE V3ORIGINAL!

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