FRENZY BONUS  – Double your
Fast Start Bonus!

Promotion Period: June 1 – June 30th

To Qualify:

  1. Stay qualified at your current Rank for the Promo Period month.
  2. Personally enroll minimum of 4 new Qualified Consultants during Promo Period. (Each of the 4 with a Fast Start Pak)
  3. The FRENZY BONUS Promo is available to new or existing Vfinity LCs.
  4. FRENZY BONUS will be paid on each consultant after qualifications have been met. (i.e. double bonus on new consultant #1-4, #5, #6, etc.)


Rewards:  As usual, the Enroller will receive the standard Fast Start Bonus paid weekly.

The FRENZY BONUS will match the standard Fast Start Bonus and be paid on the 15th of the following month as long as the Enroller meets the qualifications.

Example:  You enroll 4 NEW QCs in the month of June as follows:
1@ 270 Pak ( 67.50 FS)
2@ 430 Pak (107.50 x 2 =  215 FS)
1@ 860 Pak ( 215 FS)
(or any combination of Paks)


You will receive a $497.50 Standard Fast Start Bonus plus Vfinity will match that which will pay you an additional $497.50 FRENZY BONUS or a total of $995!

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