Our Company Overview

Welcome to Vfinity

Thank you for visiting our website. First, I want to say “Thank you to all of our dedicated and loyal Customers and Lifestyle Consultants” for their support and business. I have had the opportunity to meet several individuals that I am proud to call my Customers and Lifestyle Consultants, my acquaintances but most importantly, my friends.

We are truly a tribe of caring, dedicated individuals who are passionate about a common cause. If you’re as passionate about quality nutrition, weight management solutions, and celebrating a joyful lifestyle as we are, we hope you’ll join us. I’m proud of our products and the results they produce. We’ve scoured the globe for ‘best-in-class’ ingredients with superior nutritive properties that will have the most effective, long-lasting results on the market. We are Vfinity – where skinny happens naturally!

With the help of our Lifestyle Consultants and Customers, we have grown into a successful and stable company who takes great pride in helping others change their lives. I am supremely confident and excited to discover what the future holds for us. One reason I am so confident is our people. The people who drive Vfinity are the reason for our success to date and they will be the reason for our success in the future.


Vfinity is an exceptional company – a network of Lifestyle Consultants who are proud of the work they do and the change they bring to the lives of thousands of people just like you. We are a company defined by the character and integrity of our people. As we look ahead, our position as a network marketing company has never been stronger, and I am confident that we are headed towards another strong and successful year marked by extraordinary growth. We offer you an abundance of infinite possibilities and the ever-expanding potential to achieve a total lifestyle transformation while increasing your income potential.

I hope you’ll take the time to tour our website. Spread the word by liking us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google+ for additional updates, fun contests, and exciting testimonies about Vfinity.  If you would like to learn more about the Vfinity Opportunity and our health and wellness products, I sincerely invite you to call or email our Customer Care office. We would be thrilled to answer any questions you have about our company.

On behalf of our Founding Members and our team of dedicated employees, I thank you for your continued trust, confidence and investment in our company.

Yours in wellness,

Alex Eliashevsky, CEO

Vfinity is the premier weight management solutions direct sales company that Lifestyle Consultants and Customers need to become skinnier, healthier, and more financially successful. The Vfinity brand is not just about weight loss . . . It’s about real people changing their lives by collaborating with a compassionate network of like-minded individuals who are making a real difference in the world.

Research shows that when people can’t manage their weight, they have real consequences. The problems with rampant overweight and obesity are real. Fortunately, so are the solutions.

The Vfinity brand represents infinite possibilities and ever-expanding potential for people to achieve transformative lifestyle success while increasing their income. The brand is about infinite joy brought to families of all types, sizes, and colors of faces. It’s about celebrating the relationships between self, food, family, and friends. It’s about bodies nourished with healthy food. It’s about lives invigorated with purpose and energy. It’s about thousands of people taking small steps towards one giant milestone of personal success.

The Vfinity brand is about a vision, about hope, and about real changes in real lives. And you—as a Lifestyle Consultant, a Customer, an employee, or a business partner—are an important part of that vision. That is why it is so important that we represent the Vfinity brand in the most professional manner possible.

Our Product

Vfinity products have successfully helped thousands of people to become skinnier, healthier, and more financially successful. Our flagship product—V3ORIGINAL—has evolved to become the best, most effective, world-class product available to help people lose and manage weight, boost energy, and invigorate their mood.

With cutting-edge RapidgestTM capsule technology, and a synergistic blend of vitamins and a proprietary blend of ingredients, it is clear from customer testimonials that V3ORIGINAL is the most revolutionary weight management product in the market.

In addition to V3ORIGINAL, Vfinity offers a suite of complementary weight management products that work synergistically with V3ORIGINAL to optimize transformative lifestyle changes and improve health.

Our V2 Skinny Greens nourish and alkalize the body with 72 fruits, vegetables and other nutrients to help you curb cravings.

The V1 Skinny Smoothie debuted to rave reviews. With superior quality protein such as Greek Yogurt and Quinoa, V1 helps you build muscle, ignite your metabolism, and control your appetite.

Our products are designed to work in conjunction with Vfinity’s Weight Loss Your Way Program, the nutrition and exercise program you design to fit your unique needs and lifestyle. A healthy, nourishing diet combined with exercise is an essential component of any weight management program.

Vfinity is making a difference for thousands, and helping them make a bigger difference in their communities.

Our Challenge

As a testament to our original vision – to make an impact on the national obesity epidemic while providing infinite possibilities to grow wealth, Vfinity weight management solutions and the Vfinity Opportunity have become even more vital to people seeking to transform their lives. In addition, recent national economic woes have delivered a powerful punch—and a lot of pain– to families on three fronts.

    • Job losses and unemployment within traditional
      businesses remain high with a slow recovery from a long recession. Families have been forced to cut back on necessities and rely on government agencies for basic needs. Vfinity can provide alternative means to create wealth and to achieve success on your own terms
    • In tough economic times, more people turn to
      cheaper, highly processed foods that are high in carbohydrates and low in nutrients. Vfinity offers Meal Support with the V1 Skinny Smoothie that is cheaper and healthier than other meal options. In addition, people may abundantly nourish themselves with the whole body nutrition of V2.
    • The obesity epidemic is increasing rather than
      decreasing except in very young children. Vfinity meets the challenges of the obesity epidemic head-on and offers direct solutions for entire families.

Infinite Possibilities! Infinite Joy! Infinite Freedom!

Our Mission Statement, Vfinity illuminates the clear path towards a fulfilling lifestyle with the infinite joys of better health, infinite possibilities to grow wealth, and infinite freedom to live life on your terms.

Our Mission

At Vfinity, we’re passionate about empowering people to actively change lives. Our mission is to illuminate a clear path leading towards a fulfilling lifestyle with the infinite joys of better health, infinite possibilities to grow wealth, and infinite freedom to live your life on your terms.

Our passion is to provide you with an unlimited collaborative opportunity with a compassionate community within the Vfinity family who are committed to promoting quality products and unparalleled service so you can achieve infinite success.

Our Vision

We will make a difference in the national obesity epidemic by providing ground-breaking advancements in weight management and wellness sciences. We are driven and inspired to achieve greatness and we are filled with pride and enthusiasm when we see other people improve and fulfill their lives. We will nurture a culture of tremendous growth built on collaborative thinking, fresh ideas, and fun.

Our Values

Our values represent our core beliefs. In order to succeed, we know we have to give it our all. So when we show up, we show up prepared, dedicated, and unified. We are a solid company with healthy business practices.

Our Commitments

We are committed to using cutting-edge technology, leading industry expertise, and professional marketing services to assure that all of the Lifestyle Consultants we serve succeed in providing their Customers with the most satisfactory, effective and sustainable weight management products on the market. Through these efforts, we empower our Lifestyle Consultants to make a deeper, more lasting impact in the individual lives of those they serve and change.

Our weight management solutions, combined with a healthy diet and exercise helps people:

  • Slam appetite and crush cravings
  • Ignite the metabolism
  • Invigorate mood and revitalizes their bodies
  • Abundantly nourish, cleanse, and alkalize while improving total overall health
  • Boost energy for optimal weight control

Our Strategies

  • We will set goals, measure our plans and collaboration efforts, be optimistic, and have fun in the process.
  • We will enable our Lifestyle Consultants to make a difference in their community.
  • We will nurture a collaborative learning organization, continually improving our products and services, as well as our productivity and effectiveness.
  • We will make people nationwide successful by developing innovative products and providing lucrative opportunities.
  • We will position Vfinity weight management solutions as “Best in Class.”

Our Goal

Our goal is to establish Vfinity as the clear direct sales company of choice in the weight management sector as demonstrated by customer referrals, new Lifestyle Consultant sign-ups, and continued growth in the market.

Alex Eliashevsky


Alex Eliashevsky is responsible for financial and strategic planning for the company's business operations.

A graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in Industrial Engineering, Alex Eliashevsky started his career as an equity options trader at the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE) in the year 2000 with Cutler Group LP, a sophisticated derivatives trading firm focused primarily on equity options. Having early success in his career, he invested in a sole proprietorship and continued trading while maintaining a working relationship with the Cutler Group.

He executes his winning strategy by balancing all of the traits necessary to succeed in a constantly changing market environment. His extensive knowledge in finance and financial markets makes him perfectly suited for the fast financial pace of the network marketing industry. In his free time, Alex enjoys spending time with his family, saltwater fishing, and traveling.

Kenneth John

Customer Care & Operations Manager

Our Customer Care & Operations Manager, Kenneth John came to Vfinity after nearly 12 years of service in both the contact center environment and MLM industry. He is responsible for managing the Vfinity Customer Care Center, warehouse order fulfillment, and maintains the back office website for our Distributors.

At Publishers Circulation Fulfillment Inc. (NY Times Inbound Call Center), Kenny developed his skills as the performance team leader. He also served as the Customer Care Manager at Stainsafe, Inc. Before joining Vfinity, he managed the quality control and inventory and logistics departments at Amazon Herb Company, later to be named Trivita, Inc. In addition, he has been a professional photojournalist for a National Newspaper Publication in Trinidad and the Customer Care/ Performance Manager at Stainsafe, Inc. in Palm Beach Gardens Florida.

Outside of professional interests, he likes to travel, fix his car, create 3D Animation and being a dad. He enjoys living in Florida with his family and dogs.

Danièle GD Henderson

Creative Director

Our Creative Director, Danièle G D Henderson is an extremely experienced print and design expert with natural talent. She began designing the Internet and print catalogue for a national clothing company where she was discovered by a print and design firm who recruited her to a senior level position as creative art director.
Five years later, responding to the overwhelming demands of her clients, she opened her own design and web firm, DG Designs, LLC. Using the latest techniques in an ever-growing virtual world of multimedia and social media has helped Daniele create innovative marketing systems.

Danièle loves the outdoors and hiking with her husband and their 3 German shepherds. She is very passionate about the health and wellness lifestyle. Vfinity is the perfect fit for her creative abilities as she can merge her designs and lifestyle to truly make a difference in other people’s lives. Danièle G D Henderson graduated from the Academy of Art University with a MFA in Web Design New Media and a BA from the University of Denver in Digital Media Studies and Electronic Art and Design.

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