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Welcome to Vfinity, the premiere weight management solution network marketing company that helps others become skinnier, healthier, and more financially successful.

people-home-workVfinity is not just about weight loss… it’s about real people changing their lives by collaborating with a compassionate network of like-minded individuals who are making a real difference in the world. Research shows that when people can’t manage their weight, they have real consequences. Obesity is real – an insidious disease that impacts one in three adult Americans. Fortunately, there are solutions.

When you become a Lifestyle Consultant with Vfinity, a vista of infinite possibilities opens before you with the ever-expanding potential for you to achieve a lifestyle transformation using Vfinity’s weight management solutions combined with Vfinity’s Weight Loss Your Way program while increasing your income. Vfinity is about infinite joy – a celebration of the relationships between self, food, family and friends. It’s about nourished bodies. It’s about lives invigorated with purpose and energy. It’s about thousands of people taking small steps towards one giant milestone of personal success.

The Vfinity Opportunity celebrates the limitless potential within each one of us. Now, you can begin to realize your dreams with the infinite possibilities that lay before you. Vfinity is about a vision – where you can actively change lives by changing your own.

Relationship marketing leverages the power of your personal network. Not only do you earn income from your individual sales, but you benefit from the teamwork of those in your network. Vfinity offers you an unparalleled compensation plan with seven ways to earn income. It’s an easy, effective way to begin generating wealth today!

1 – Fast Start Bonus
2 – Retail Profit
3 – Coded Bonus
4 – Group Commission
5 – Unilevel Bonus
6 – Business Builder Pool Bonus Volume

Plus, earn fun prizes, Vfinity bucks, incentives, and trips for participating in our monthly and quarterly contests!

Vfinity is comprised of caring individuals who have a vested interest in seeing you achieve! Whether you are new to network marketing or a seasoned pro, Vfinity offers you a clear path towards success!

1. Infinite Possibilities

Limitless Earning Potential, Perpetual Residual Income Potential, Total Control!

Take control of your destiny with the Vfinity Opportunity. Here, you enrich yourself and reap the rewards of your efforts. What other business allows you to increase your earnings month after month?

In today’s up-and-down economy, you have the luxury of building your own steady income stream. Now, you no longer have to worry about job security because you have the control to write your own check! Your opportunities are limitless and your possibilities are infinite!

2. Infinite Freedom

Flexible Hours, Family-Friendly, Work From Home!

Live the lifestyle you deserve to live! Set your own schedule, spend precious moments with the people who matter most, and choose your co-workers! With Vfinity, you can build your business anywhere on your own terms! Why chain yourself to a desk and a job you hate, when you could be doing what you love every single day? Free yourself to work where you want, when you want, and take vacation any time you want! Your time is yours!

3. Infinite Control

Be Your Own Boss, No Restrictions, No Limitations!

Go to work in your flip-flops or your favorite pair of comfy slippers. With Vfinity, there is no boss, no commute, no punch clocks, no co-workers to manage, and no dress code! Plus, you can’t be fired unless you quit! You hold the keys to your success! Quit making other people rich! Work for yourself!

4. Infinite Potential

Low Overhead, Low Start-Up Costs!

Our compensation plan is unparalleled in the network marketing business. There is a very real opportunity to begin earning immediate income. Our duplicable system works for thousands of Lifestyle Consultants who are building their businesses FAST! There are impressive tax advantages by working from home and you don’t have to apply or go through an interview process just to qualify. The opportunity to achieve astounding success is open to everyone regardless of their background!

5. Infinite Joy

Change Lives, Empower Others, Achieve Health and Wellness

At Vfinity, we’re passionate about helping people change their lives and empower others to do the same. We believe that joy comes from helping others fulfill their dreams. Our goal is to awaken a passion for successful, healthy, sustainable living. You can help us illuminate the path towards a fulfilling lifestyle with the infinite joys of better health, infinite possibilities to grow wealth, and infinite freedom. We change lives by helping others find their inner skinny!

6. Infinite Friendship

Expand Your Circle of Friends, Connect With A Community, Share Your Talents

You can be part of the Vfinity family and forge relationships with a group of like-minded individuals who have a vested interest in helping you succeed. Our fun meetings, exciting corporate phone calls, and educational business development webinars instantly connect you with people across the nation. We promote the highest levels of personal and professional development with leadership mentoring and business skills development. We are a company that celebrates each other, laughs with each other, and supports each other. We care deeply about you!

7. Infinite Growth

Stellar Products, Stable Company, Strong Support System

It’s clear from testimonials that our products are best-in-class! Our development team scoured the world for superior ingredients that have the most impact on weight management. We took a look at what drives people to succeed in managing weight loss and what kept people from achieving their goals. With our suite of products working synergistically to help you control hunger, crush cravings, boost energy, and invigorate your mood, we give you the weight management tools you need to achieve a lifestyle transformation! At Vfinity, we make skinny happen naturally!

8. Infinite Health

Maximum Mood, Energy, and Appetite Control, Whole Body Nourishment, the Weight Wellness Meal Support

When you join Vfinity you’ll receive premiere weight management products at a steep discount. You can achieve transformative lifestyle success with the synergy of all of Vfinity’s products (V1, V2, V3). Each product is designed to support and complement each other while helping you achieve health and wellness. Combine Vfinity’s weight management solutions with Vfinity’s Weight Loss Your Way Program which incorporates nutrition and exercise into your lifestyle your way. As you change your own life, you will inspire others to join you and Vfinity for a healthier, skinnier future!

9. Infinite Incentives

Luxury Vacations, Free Product, Huge Bonuses!

We make weight loss fun! Our Lifestyle Consultants have the opportunity to compete for incredible prizes and bonuses. Imagine luxuriating on a sandy beach under a palm tree with your favorite beverage. Now, imagine getting there for free! Vfinity offers some of the best incentives for your business building efforts in the industry!

10. Infinite Success

Achieve Your Dreams, Reach Your Goals, Make It Happen!

Whatever your dreams or goals are, Vfinity can help you make them happen! If you’re dreaming of a brighter future filled with joy, secured with wealth, and invigorated with better health, Vfinity is your company of choice. When you join us, you invest in your success! We are the company of infinite possibilities, infinite freedom, and infinite joy! Join us today!

Begin your journey towards Infinite Possibilities, Infinite Freedom, and Infinite Joy right here! Get started today and get your Business Builder Pak that will help you meet your goals and jumpstart your new Vfinity business. Whichever pak you choose you’ll save on superior products to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Plus, enhance your recruiting efforts with optional add-ons to showcase your Vfinity business such as brochures, tear sheets, car magnets, shirts, and so much more! For more details about which Pak is right for you, contact your Vfinity Lifestyle Consultant today!

      1. Talk with the Lifestyle Consultant who introduced you to Vfinity. They will help you choose the right Pak and mentor you through the first steps of building your Vfinity business.
      2. Select from one of the five highly discounted and incentivized optional Fast Start Paks, or simply pay $24.95 to receive your Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation Starter Kit and find out how you can begin earning income today!
      3. Sign up for Autoship. Don’t miss a single month of Vfinity products by having them automatically shipped right to your door. Save yourself the hassle or remembering to order each month in time before you run out!
      4. Complete your order registration – choose a website name and password for your replicated website.
      5. Within 3 business days of signing up as a new Lifestyle Consultant, schedule an event to Launch your new business.
      6. Recruit your first person and make your first sale! Support your team as it grows by hosting three-way calls with your team leaders, listening to company calls and testimonial calls, and attending Vfinity parties and events. Share your Vfinity testimony with everybody you know. Let’s get started!
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