Friends & Family Program

Order the Vfinity Friends and Family program for only $34.95 and we’ll mail out a professional sampling package to 10 of your friends and family! Included in each padded mailer, your contact will receive a welcome letter, a product brochure, and our opportunity brochure along with a two day sample of V3ORIGINAL (4 capsules)!

Fill out the form with the information for your ten contacts within 30 days and we will promptly send out your samples with your name and Lifestyle Consultant ID referenced!

  • Save money on postage and gasoline!
  • Optimize your time and energy!
  • Never lose a potential sale again!
  • Impress your network with a professional presentation!
  • Rapidly build your business!

Plant the seeds today for a better harvest tomorrow! Sample your friends and family and watch your network expand!

1. Order the Vfinity Friends and Family Program today! 
2. Fill out the Friends and Family Contacts form!

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