July's Directors: Mark Howell, GA • Angie Mills, GA • Susie Crapps, GA July's Qualified Associates: Venecia Scheid, MO • Aida Moreno, TX • Paula Freeman, GA • Bianca Alvarado, IL • Marilla Tubsbs, TX • Mandy Chaney, GA • Holly Geronzin, GA • Mila Panushka, MN • Ashley Beckum, GA • Kerry Todd, MO

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Get The Skinny on Skinny!

Get The Skinny on Skinny! By Kevin Thomas Did you ever wonder where the word "skinny" comes from?? In ancient times, and the times of the gladiator military, the term "skinnes" referred to the removal of your skin to expose the truth. A DISCOVERY In World War II officers would write notes on onion skin paper ...

Cash In By Diving Into The Business Builder Pool!

Recruit Away To Earn Extra Bonuses! Build your business and earn a share of 1% of the company’s total bonus volume! There’s a mountain of cash waiting for business builders who recruit new associates who purchase a Fast Start Pak. Our first official quarterly qualifying period is about to end! This is the last month ...

What’s Happening At Vfinity?

Where else would the headquarters for the “Skinny Happy Pill” be other than in one of America’s skinniest cities? Vfinity has opened their offices in the posh Downtown Business District in Naples, Florida which was ranked 2nd on the Gallup poll of America’s Least Obese Cities. The ‘Sunny, Sassy, Simply Unforgettable’ city of Naples is …

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Voices of Vfinity!