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Keeps Me On Track

What Vfinity products have helped you? V3MAX and V2 Skinny Greens have made the biggest changes for me. I lost 20 pounds with the V3MAX formula and have kept it off. The most exciting change for me came when V2 Skinny Greens was introduced. What is your total weight loss? My total weight loss is ...

Appetite Is In Control!

What Vfinity products have helped you? I started out just using V3MAX in December 2015. I added the V1 Skinny Smoothie in March. What is your total weight loss? So far, I have lost 22.5 lbs. and a total of 24 inches. In December 2015, I started at 255 lbs. As of today, I weigh ...

Products Are Amazing!

What Vfinity products have helped you? I currently use all 3 Vfinity products and love them all. My favorite is the V3MAX for the weight loss and increased energy throughout the day. What is your total weight loss? I weighed 162 lbs. when I started using V3MAX on November 15th, 2015. Today, I weigh 140 ...

Stay with the Process!

What Vfinity products have helped you? V3MAX and now the new, upgraded formula. I also started using the V1 Skinny Smoothie. What is your total weight loss? When I originally started, I weighed 255 lbs. After I started using Vfinity products, I went down to my lowest weight, 174 lbs. I just recently started back ...

I Am Proof That V3MAX Works!

What Vfinity products have helped you? V3MAX - 1x per day in the morning. What is your total weight loss? On January 18, 2016, I started at 201 pounds. As of March 22, 2016, I am down to 168 pounds! I have also gone down two pant sizes. Tell us briefly about your weight loss ...

“I Am In The Best Health and Shape I Have Ever Been!”

Julie Pontious looks and feels amazing thanks to Vfinity’s V2 Skinny Greens and V3 Max! With two energetic toddlers, that’s no small feat! Julie set a weight loss goal to reach 120 pounds and met her goals by using the support of Vfinity products! Vfinity’s entire suite of products is meant to be used as ...

With V3 Max along with V2 Skinny Greens and V1 Skinny Smoothie, I’ve Lost 55 Pounds That I’ve Kept Off!

Cynthia was introduced to direct sales in 2005 when she was looking for something to do from home. She and her husband Patrick had sold their restaurant and she was looking for something to devote her time and energy. Success in business was not new to her, but she had no experience with generating online ...

“If It Weren’t From That Boost From V3 Max, I Wouldn’t Be Where I Am At Today!”

Tricia Vaughn tried out Vfinity’s 90 Day Challenge and lost 12 pounds during the challenge. The adjustments she learned to make while on the Vfinity system has allowed her to continue losing weight even after dropping off the products. Vfinity is truly a lifestyle change and for some people, continuing Vfinity after losing weight helps ...

Not Only Did I Find Natural Weight Loss…

“Not Only Did I Find Natural Weight Loss Products That Finally Work, I Found An Incredible Business Too!” Kathy Chapman has dedicated her life to helping others as a Program Director for Voices for Children CASA of Brazos Valley and as a Certified Health Coach. Vfinity is a natural fit for somebody who wants to ...

“To This Day, I’m Still Losing Inches and Losing Weight!”

The good news about V3 Max is spreading fast. When Ashley Pike noticed two of her friends losing weight and enjoying extra energy, she had to know what they were doing. After having her baby, Ashley was eager to have her pre-baby body back. More important, she wanted the extra energy to keep up with ...
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