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Category Marketing Tools Spotlight


Vfinity Marketing Tools Spotlight #8!

NEW Vfinity Product Videos Featuring Dr. Derrick DeSilva! See The Features of Vfinity’s Products! V1 Skinny Smoothie! V2 Skinny Greens! V3 Max! We’re thrilled to announce the release of Vfinity’s NEW Product Videos featuring Dr. Derrick DeSilva! Watch as Vfinity’s Chief Medical Advisor explains the benefits of each of Vfinity’s products – V1 Skinny Smoothie, ...

Vfinity Marketing Tools Spotlight #7

Friends and Family Program! Sampling Your Friends and Family Has Never Been Easier! Did you know Vfinity has a Friends and Family sampling program? For a low price, Vfinity will send a professional sampling package to your selected friends and family. Included in each padded mailer, your contact will receive a welcome letter, a product ...

Vfinity Marketing Tools Spotlight #6!

V1 Skinny Smoothie Comparison Chart! Friends don’t let friends drink unhealthy smoothies! Many so-called ‘healthy’ smoothies on the market are anything but healthy! Many use high doses of low-quality ingredients in order to show super-high concentrations of vitamins or minerals. Don’t let that fool you! Some are manufactured by less than scrupulous manufacturers who cut ...

Vfinity Marketing Tools Spotlight: Voices of Vfinity

Testimonies are a powerful marketing tool. Share the Voices of Vfinity video online or during your next Skinny Mixer. The Vfinity Lifestyle Consultants featured in Voices of Vfinity are real people who have achieved lasting success with Vfinity! You may recognize many of Vfinity's Top Lifestyle Consultants! When you share your Vfinity testimony, you become ...

Vfinity Marketing Tools Spotlight!

Vfinity Branded Apparel, Totes, and More! Check Out The Vfinity Store for Promotional Materials! Do you love the Vfinity logo? It’s sporty, fun, and dynamic and you can wear it with pride with Vfinity branded apparel! Find the Vfinity logo on promotional materials, get your business cards printed, or order a banner for your next ...

Vfinity Marketing Tools Spotlight! Vfinity’s 90 Day Challenge!

Vfinity Marketing Tools Spotlight! Vfinity’s 90 Day Challenge! Did you know that Vfinity gives away FREE Tshirts to EVERYONE who signs up for and completes Vfinity’s 90 Day Challenge? All you have to do is register, order one or more of Vfinity’s premiere products, and then send in your final results at the end of ...

Vfinity Marketing Tools Spotlight! Vfinity Hacks!

Vfinity Marketing Tools Spotlight! Vfinity Hacks! Share The Tips and Tricks to Vfinity Success! Vfinity Hacks are nugget sized bits of information about Vfinity products, tips for success, and even delicious recipes! Look for new Vfinity Hacks posted regularly on Vfinity’s Facebook page and share on your own walls or pin to your Pinterest boards. ...

Vfinity Marketing Tools Spotlight! Vfinity As Easy As 1-2-3!

Vfinity Marketing Tools Spotlight! Vfinity As Easy As 1-2-3! The ‘Vfinity As Easy As 1-2-3!’ video is a great way to introduce new Lifestyle Consultants to the Vfinity system of premiere products. Learn about the science behind the V1 Skinny Smoothie, V2 Skinny Greens, and V3 Max with Kevin Thomas. This educational video shows how ...
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Voices of Vfinity!