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Appetite Is In Control!


What Vfinity products have helped you?
I started out just using V3MAX in December 2015. I added the V1 Skinny Smoothie in March.

What is your total weight loss?
So far, I have lost 22.5 lbs. and a total of 24 inches. In December 2015, I started at 255 lbs. As of today, I weigh 232.5 lbs.

Tell us briefly about your weight loss journey?
I have been on a roller coaster diet pretty much my entire adult life. Most things I have tried either didn't work, or worked well for a little while. I have lost weight on my own and also with the help of over the counter and prescription weight loss medications. I would eventually end up gaining back all of the weight that I’d lost, plus more. I'm thankful for V3MAX, because it helps with my appetite control so much! I don't feel that I have to deprive myself of the foods that I love. It helps me with portion control too!

What would you tell somebody who is struggling to get healthy, and how would you encourage them to get started?
I would tell them that I have been in their shoes, and I know how they feel. They have to want to change their life before they will be able to do it. If they don't have the mindset to do it, they’ll quit. (I know I have started and quit many, many times.) They have to try what they are comfortable with. I’d also tell them that they don’t have to do it alone. We have an awesome support system with Vfinity!

– Christina Fredregill, TX



  • January 1, 2017

    I started taking Vfinity after asking my friend how she lost so much weight..she looked amazing. . She shared before and after- 3 mos, 6 mos and 9 mos pics. She said not only did it work for her but she was selling it! I started with a sample and couldn’t believe that in 3 days I lost 2 lbs. I ordered all 3 and started autoship. The weight fell off and I swear- I didn’t even work out or change my diet, i just craved/ ate less. I have gone from 198 lbs in October 2015 to 170 lbs by July 2016! I do take a probiotic every day which helps and I now only take the pills daily and the shake a few times a week. I still eat whatever I want but my cravings are barely there for my potato chips that I used to eat daily. With some food allergies, I love that the program is so packed with vitamins and healthy!

    If you cant afford the rest, splurge for the daily pills- so worth it and you save money on autoship.

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