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Archives March 2016


I’m Ready For A New Me!

What Vfinity products have helped you? I am taking the Yellow V3 Max, and have sampled the Red V3 Max. I am also taking the V2 Skinny Greens, and V1 Smoothie. What is your total weight loss (please include starting weight and current weight, or # of inches lost. Share what you feel comfortable sharing). ...

I Am Proof That V3MAX Works!

What Vfinity products have helped you? V3MAX - 1x per day in the morning. What is your total weight loss? On January 18, 2016, I started at 201 pounds. As of March 22, 2016, I am down to 168 pounds! I have also gone down two pant sizes. Tell us briefly about your weight loss ...

Just Taken The Pill

“Before V3MAX, I wore a size 36 waist and had about as much focus as my 3 month old Yorkie pup. After V3MAX…. I lost my 36 x 30 jeans and had to go buy size 34's. I lost the permanent crease on my leather belt, so I had to go buy another one of ...

V3MAX Just The Boost I Needed

What Vfinity products have helped you? V3MAX What is your total weight loss? I have lost 30lbs! Tell us briefly about your weight loss journey. I have always struggled with my weight and never found anything that helped. I've tried eating healthy and have had no luck. I started V3MAX and also started watching what ...

“No Matter What Your Goals Are, Vfinity’s Products Will Help You Achieve Those Goals!”

Losing that post baby weight is hard! Our Vfinity moms are finding out that Vfinity’s products help with both energy and weight loss after having a baby! Ashlee Deeds was thrilled to lose all of her pregnancy weight and then some! Even better, Ashlee’s family is benefiting from the Vfinity Lifestyle! With the extra cash ...

“I Am In The Best Health and Shape I Have Ever Been!”

Julie Pontious looks and feels amazing thanks to Vfinity’s V2 Skinny Greens and V3 Max! With two energetic toddlers, that’s no small feat! Julie set a weight loss goal to reach 120 pounds and met her goals by using the support of Vfinity products! Vfinity’s entire suite of products is meant to be used as ...
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