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Archives October 2015


Cutting Sugar! Why All Calories Are Not Created Equal

If you’ve started the Vfinity 1-2-3 system of better health and wellness, it’s likely that you’ve received advice to cut out artificial sweeteners, increase your protein and fiber intake, and to utilize the energy from V3 Max to move more. Cutting sugar from your diet is equally as important! Recent studies from the journal Obesity, ...

Set Goals And Set Out To Meet Them!

We love celebrating significant milestones! Crystal Reavis Matthews reached Executive Director last week! We’re thrilled to have such a lovely, classy lady representing Vfinity who is committed to help others become healthier. Crystal is an example of someone who absolutely never gives up despite setbacks. She looks for solutions and helps others meet their goals! ...

Vfinity Marketing Tools Spotlight!

Vfinity Branded Apparel, Totes, and More! Check Out The Vfinity Store for Promotional Materials! Do you love the Vfinity logo? It’s sporty, fun, and dynamic and you can wear it with pride with Vfinity branded apparel! Find the Vfinity logo on promotional materials, get your business cards printed, or order a banner for your next ...

Vitamin B3 – The Niacin Effect and V3 Max

Vitamin B3 is crucial for your health. It’s found in beets, greens, fish, poultry, and eggs and much of our manufactured food is fortified with niacin. This essential vitamin has been found to help improve cholesterol levels, might help those with Type I diabetes, and may even have an impact on skin cancer! “I get ...

“I Got My Life, My Sanity, and My Confidence Back!”

"I Got My Life, My Sanity, and My Confidence Back! V3 MAX Helped Me Get There!" Vfinity Lifestyle Consultants offer immeasurable support to everyone who is trying to make positive, healthy lifestyle changes. We are truly a family, connected through the bonds of a common goal – to find better health and wellness! We’re united ...

Vfinity Marketing Tools Spotlight! Vfinity’s 90 Day Challenge!

Vfinity Marketing Tools Spotlight! Vfinity’s 90 Day Challenge! Did you know that Vfinity gives away FREE Tshirts to EVERYONE who signs up for and completes Vfinity’s 90 Day Challenge? All you have to do is register, order one or more of Vfinity’s premiere products, and then send in your final results at the end of ...

Your Microbiome and Obesity – What’s The Link?

Your Microbiome and Obesity – What’s The Link? Vfinity Using Cutting Edge Science To Combat Obesity! You are the host of hundreds of thousands of tiny bacteria. In fact, your body is an entire ecosystem in itself. The health of your ecosystem is largely dependent upon your environment, your diet, and your lifestyle habits. A ...

“I Decided To Change My Lifestyle! I’ve Lost 51 Pounds with V3 Max!”

Your thyroid is one of the most influential glands on your body’s metabolic processes. Through hormone production, your thyroid can influence weight loss or weight gain. When Amber Donovan had twins and started birth control, her thyroid reacted to the hormones in her birth control and stopped working. She gained a lot of weight and ...

Vfinity Marketing Tools Spotlight! Vfinity Hacks!

Vfinity Marketing Tools Spotlight! Vfinity Hacks! Share The Tips and Tricks to Vfinity Success! Vfinity Hacks are nugget sized bits of information about Vfinity products, tips for success, and even delicious recipes! Look for new Vfinity Hacks posted regularly on Vfinity’s Facebook page and share on your own walls or pin to your Pinterest boards. ...

“I Have Never Felt Better…”

“I Have Never Felt Better! The Energy From V3 Max Is More Important To Me Than The Weight Loss!” About one in every 10 to 15 women have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) which affects a woman’s endocrine system. PCOS increases a woman’s risk for Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and anxiety or ...
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