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“What Can You Lose In 30 Days Except Your Weight?”

Fad diets are easy to spot. They’re the ones that say you’ll lose 30 pounds in 30 days or that by eating only grapefruit for 7 days you’ll lose three dress sizes. Often they are very low calorie diets (VLCD’s) which restrict your calorie intake to 800 calories or less. Very low calorie diets all ...


Vfinity, Inc. 837 Fifth Ave S, Suite 200 | Naples, FL 34102 1-844-834-6489 | For Immediate Release: August 14th, 2015 For More Information: Vfinity Alex Eliashevsky, CEO 1-844-834-6489 Vfinity 2014 TAMM "Start Up Company of the Year" Nominee Vfinity is proud to announce their nomination for “Start Up Company of the Year” for 2015 ...
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