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Archives January 2015


“Vfinity Has Changed My Life Tremendously and It’s Still Changing!”

Some transformations are dramatic and Kimberly Adams is one of those! In just a few short months, Kimberly has dropped nearly 70 pounds, changing her life forever! Like many of us on our Vfinity journey, Kimberly experienced a few days where she plateaued and didn’t see much change. But the changes were happening and she ...

“V3 Max Put My Body Together . . .It Reshaped My Body!”

We say over and over again that V3 Max is about so much more than weight loss, it’s an entire transformation lifestyle change! That is so true for Leslie Walthall who lost her post-baby weight with her favorite happy skinny pill! She’s lost weight, true, but she’s also gained energy, improved her mood, and is ...

“V3 Max Is The Only Product I Have Taken That Has Made Me Lose Weight!”

Theresa Brister had noticed her friend Roger Flint was looking pretty skinny! She asked for Roger’s skinny secret and he pulled out his box of V3 Max and spilled the beans on the magic behind his weight loss success! Of course, Theresa hoped Roger’s happy skinny pill would work for her too, but she couldn’t ...

Get The Skinny on Skinny!

Get The Skinny on Skinny! By Kevin Thomas Did you ever wonder where the word "skinny" comes from?? In ancient times, and the times of the gladiator military, the term "skinnes" referred to the removal of your skin to expose the truth. A DISCOVERY In World War II officers would write notes on onion skin paper ...

“After Using V3 Max, I Noticed A Remarkable Transformation Within My Body!”

We’d like to introduce you to the supremely talented Rob Kircher who is producing the Vfinity Hollywood Production about to premiere worldwide! Rob was given V3 Max at our first meeting and soon he became OUR biggest fan!! At that first meeting, we charged Rob with the task to tell the Vfinity story using his ...

“I Turned 50 Feeling Better Than I Had In Years and Looking Better Too Thanks To Vfinity!”

Cherie Blades knew that being overweight would drastically reduce her lifespan. When she looked at her family, she knew she wanted to be around to share all the happy milestones so she looked for a weight loss solution and found Vfinity! She set a goal to lose weight by her 50th birthday and she has ...

“Vfinity Isn’t a Diet, It’s Much Better Than a Diet!!”

“Vfinity Isn't a Diet, It's Much Better Than a Diet!! Vfinity is an Amazing Tool That Has Helped Me Make Better Decisions!” When using Vfinity products, we often recommend avoiding artificial sweeteners and increasing your water intake. Brandi Overturf discovered that Vfinity products REALLY work when following those two simple steps! She was blown away ...

“The Happy Skinny Pill Has Given My Life Back! I Found Me Again!”

At Vfinity, our best advertising is our people! When people lose weight and feel incredible, the joy of achieving infinite success just radiates from them! Shannon McGowan says she’s a walking billboard for Vfinity and we’re extra proud to feature her success story! She’s lost 37 pounds with V3 Max and she’s built an incredibly ...
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