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Archives December 2014


“I Started To Really See The Changes Happen!”

How One Lifestyle Consultant Makes Vfinity Work For Her! Ah, the dreaded plateau. It happens to all of us on our weight loss journey at one point or another. When Crystal Kallas Squibb hit her plateau, she took a hard look at her lifestyle and realized that she needed to work with the products – ...

“A Lightbulb Went On! OMG This Pill Really Does Work!”

Weight loss is just one side effect of V3 Max! One of our Lifestyle Consultants discovered that Vfinity products also cleared up her skin! Laura Pacunas tried everything to clear up her acne, from expensive creams and lotions to dry ice! But it was V2 Skinny Greens that finally made a difference! The nourishment and ...

“The Vfinity Products Have Literally Changed My Life and Lifestyle!”

The beautiful thing about Vfinity is that our products do more than help you achieve health and wellness; they help you rediscover life again! With the craving crushing power of V3 Max, you can change your lifestyle permanently for lasting results! Some of our Lifestyle Consultants and customers don’t see the numbers on the scale ...

“I Love Helping People Feel The Way I Feel Because It Makes Me Feel Wonderful!”

Vfinity is a family thing for Stephanie Kovar who has lost 25 pounds and keeps on dropping them! Her husband is one of her biggest fans and now he’s touting how great Vfinity makes him feel too! Stephanie’s story began at her son’s school where she noticed one teacher who definitely made the grade on ...

“As Of Today, I’m Down 57 Pounds and a Whole Bunch of Inches! Thanks Vfinity!”

Sue Miranda embodies the Vfinity trait of Infinite Joy! Not a day goes by that she wishes all of us to have a good one! And a good day in Sue’s book is one where her family and friends celebrate together. With Vfinity, she’s found the extra energy to enjoy those special moments and her ...

Where This Company Is Going Nothing Compares!”

“Even Through The Holiday’s I Lost Weight! Where This Company Is Going Is Out of This World and Nothing Compares!” With the holiday season upon us, our homes are often filled with the aroma of sweet temptation! Anne Angelopoulos started using Vfinity products just before last year’s holiday season and she started losing weight right ...
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