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Archives November 2014


“I’ve Lost 50 Pounds, Thanks To Vfinity Products!”

Theresa Beary-Robnett LOVES Vfinity!! The excitement and emotion in her voice is palpable as she shares her Vfinity testimony. V3 Max has helped her lose 50 pounds in less than a year and her business is growing fast! The key to her success is sharing the products by offering samples and then letting the effects ...

“I Look at My Before Pictures and I Can’t Believe It’s Me!”

There are a multitude of diets out there, but none have the staying power of Vfinity! Amanda Huang had tried several different options before she stumbled upon Vfinity! After 17 years of trying to lose weight with other programs, she finally lost half of her goal weight loss with V3 MAX! Now, she’s within sight ...

“I Love These Products!”

“I Love These Products and The Way They Make Me Feel!” Extra energy is the number one reason people love V3 Max! Losing weight is a great benefit too, but feeling revitalized throughout the day is a major bonus! Just ask Mary Slater. The energy boost from V3 Max keeps her going throughout the day ...

I Wish That I Had Found V3 Max Earlier!

 Many of our Lifestyle Consultants come to Vfinity after seeing another person achieve extraordinary weight loss success. Brooke Cheney was inspired by her sister, Crystal and started her Vfinity journey with V3 Max. She attributes her motivation to keep her weight off after her weight loss surgery to Vfinity! Sometimes weight loss is all about ...
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