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Vfinity’s “2 for You” Program

Earn a FREE VSkinny Pak with Vfinity's NEWEST PROGRAM - "2 For You!"


This is a deal of a lifetime!

With our “2 For You” program, it’s easy to receive all of Vfinity’s premiere products totally FREE! Your Preferred Customers can purchase the VSkinny Pak for the low, low price of just $149.99! Sign up two Preferred Customers placing a VSkinny Pak order on Autoship for at least two consecutive months, you as the Lifestyle Consultant will receive a FREE VSKinny Pak!

There is NO LIMIT to the number of VSkinny Paks you can earn! For every two Preferred Customers who purchase a VSkinny Pak on auto-ship, you’ll earn ANOTHER FREE VSkinny Pak!

For just five dollars a day, your Preferred Customers can achieve better health and wellness with the Vfinity trio of premiere products! Each product is perfectly designed to work in synergy with each other -that's why the Vfinity 1-2-3 system is so powerful! We KNOW the Vfinity 1-2-3 system of better health and wellness is the most effective program in the world and that's why we're launching our "2 For You" program!

Many of our Lifestyle Consultants began their Vfinity career as Vfinity Preferred Customers. Once you sign up as a Vfinity Lifestyle Consultant, you’ll bring your Preferred Customers under your team! Start earning commissions and bonuses on your sales!

Learn more about becoming a Vfinity Lifestyle Consultant today! 

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